Pricing and Schedule.

How much is the program?

  • Tuition is $90-$135 per month depending on team placement.
  • Tuition includes 3-5 hours of classes each week, as well as a tumbling class. No additional classes are required.

When is practice?

  • Practices are held Monday through Friday depending on what team your child is placed on.
  • Cheer practice is held twice a week and will include: stunting, dancing, jumps, motions, and competition routine practice.
  • Once a week, each team will have a tumbling class that will focus on what they need for their competition routines. They will receive basic to advanced tumbling depending on what level they are at from a certified tumbling Instructor. 

When do boys practice?

  • Boys who join our cheer teams are called our “stunt men.” They will practice once a week with the cheerleaders, depending on what team they are on, they will also receive weight and conditioning training with a certified instructor once a week, and they will participate in one of our tumbling classes once a week.
  • Tuition for “stunt men” is $80 a month. 

Please contact us today if you have additional questions or would like more information on pricing and scheduling.