Our teams are nationally-recognized and ranked.

Utah Fusion All-Stars nationally-recognized teams have been competing statewide and nationally for more than 9 years.  This season we will be celebrating our 10th Season and cannot wait to see where we go next!

In 2013, Utah Fusion All-Stars became the first-ever Utah cheer gym to be invited to participate in The Summit. The Summit is the definitive all levels national championship. Created solely for the best cheer teams from across the country, The Summit provides a unique experience for youth, junior, and senior levels in non-Worlds divisions to face-off in a live competition. Fusion Blaze ranked #8 nationally at The Summit!

Two 2014-2015 Utah Fusion All-Star teams won bids to compete at The Summit, to be held in Orlando, Florida in May of 2015.  Fusion Flash made it all the way to finals and placed 5th nationally at The Summit!

Fusion All-Stars Flash and Heat both won bids to The Summit during the 2015-16 Season as well!

In their first year of competing, Fusion Inferno won a 2013 bid to the Cheerleading Worlds, where they finished #32 globally! Having won another bid this season, Utah Fusion All-Stars Inferno is looking forward to competing at the 2016 Cheerleading Worlds!  Fusion Inferno made it to Semi-Finals at Worlds during their 2016 performance.  Such a huge accomplishment!

From humble beginnings to one of Utah's premier all-star cheer programs.

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Utah Fusion All-Stars has come a long way since its founding at the Gene Fullmer Recreation Center in 2005. What began with 10 young athletes on 1 team more than doubled in 2006. In 2007, Fusion began competing at local competitions in Utah and traveled to our first-ever national competition in Anaheim, California.

That year, Fusion began a tradition of excellence, earning top placements at multiple competitions. The following year Fusion grew again into 3 teams and became a force in the local cheerleading scene, winning its division at several local and statewide competitions. By 2009, Fusion was home to more than 60 talented athletes; Fusion won division champion at a national competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2010 was a year of growth for Fusion - we moved into our own building, became recognized as a USASF-Certified cheerleading gym and participated in the USASF West Coast Coaches Conference. In 2011, Fusion experienced unprecedented success, winning numerous division championships and an American Championship National Championship. Always striving to grow as athletes and an organization, Fusion established its first Level 5 team in 2012. That year and since, all Fusion athletes were registered as official USASF Athletes. Fusion's Level 4 team capped an impressive 2012 season by winning a National Championship at JAMZ.

In 2013, Utah Fusion All-Stars garnered national attention at numerous statewide and national competitions, including the American Grand and JAMZ in Las Vegas, and the USA All-Star Nationals in California. Fusion's Level 5 team Inferno won 1st Place and was named Grand Champions at the USA Classic in Salt Lake City. Utah Fusion All-Stars teams won bids to compete at the highest levels of all-star cheer - The Summit and the Cheerleading Worlds.

We haven't forgotten our roots. While we've experienced great success and have quickly grown into one of Utah's premier all-star cheerleading programs, the spirit of family, love, and unity that was born among 1 coach and 10 young athletes years ago lives on today.