Home of the Utah Fusion All-Stars. One of the best Utah cheer gyms in the state! Winner of bids to The Summit and the Cheerleading Worlds.

The Utah Fusion All-Stars
Welcome to the official home of the Utah Fusion All-Stars! 

Fusion All-Stars is a USASF-Certified cheer gym and is one of Utah's top all-star cheerleading programs.

Utah Fusion All-Stars specializes in all-star cheerleading and both competitive and non-competitive classes for all ages and abilities. Our teams have been competing statewide and nationally for more than seven years.

Fusion is a family of champions

Not only do our athletes learn the skills they need to be elite cheerleaders, we foster the attributes that will help them be strong students, dedicated team members, and successful individuals.

We believe strongly that success isn't measured alone by our record, but by how we grow as individuals and as a team. Fusion is much more than cheerleading, we're a family!